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More Books on iBooks

Hooray! “Pendant of Fortune” is up! Also my free sampler “Gold Standard” has been listed there from Smashwords, so you can get free stuff if you want (or recommend it to others–again, “Gold Standard” contains stuff from the novels plus … Continue reading

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Waterways in Brazilian Portuguese

Freakwolf, a dedicated Brazilian fan, has been translating “Waterways” (only the parts that are free online, with my permission), and he has posted his efforts here: On DeviantArt: Aquifers and Streams. On FA: Aquifers and Streams. So if you know … Continue reading

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And we’re back

… I think. As I’ve mentioned, I started using WordPress through the Yahoo-hosted, and I was enjoying it a lot. But on every page there is this reminder to upgrade to WordPress 3.2.1! Do it now! You’re using WordPress … Continue reading

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