More Books on iBooks

Hooray! “Pendant of Fortune” is up! Also my free sampler “Gold Standard” has been listed there from Smashwords, so you can get free stuff if you want (or recommend it to others–again, “Gold Standard” contains stuff from the novels plus a few stories that are free online, and it’s mostly designed to introduce people to the stuff I write).

Now the only book missing is “The Prisoner’s Release,” and I think that’s under review. I am not terribly much looking forward to the annoyance of posting new books to them (see: “Isolation Play” WHICH WILL BE RELEASED SOMETIME THIS FALL AND I WILL WRITE HERE WHEN I KNOW WHEN), but at least there won’t be a huge clump of six of them to process.

Many thanks to my helpful publishing friend who got the iTunes account set up and put the books there for me.

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